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At RPA Clinic we can, following a free consultation, provide many non-surgical aesthetics treatments such as; lip fillers, teeth whitening, chemical skin peels, anti-wrinkle injections.

At Reach Pharmacy Aesthetics our number one priority is patient care and wellbeing.

Trained Professionals

Every Reach Pharmacy Aesthetics patient receives a free consultation with one of our highly skilled aesthetics practitioners at the time of their booking. Ensuring that they receive exactly the treatment and results that they are looking for.
The practitioner will explain the treatment to you, detailing what is involved and what results you can expect.

Top Quality Treatments

We only use the top performing brands for any of our treatments. We choose these based on their results and the experience of our aesthetics practitioners.
For Dermal Fillers (including, lip fillers and other facial areas) we use Revolax, Belotero, Juvederm & Teosyal.
For any of our Botox treatments in Glasgow, we use Bocoture.
Our aesthetics practitioners are trained to use NeoStrata skin peels and provide recommendations for enhancing and maintaining the results.


Some procedures require more aftercare than others.
For botox and dermal filler aftercare, we offer two products: Skinade and Zytaze. Skinade contains a large amount of collagen to help replenish the natural collagen in your skin, that’s lost as we age. While Zytaze prolongs the effects of Botox treatments, making your results last longer.


Visit our Glasgow based aesthetics clinic. Just off of Woodlands Road, near Park Circus.

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